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    Dr Walker and Melissa, Coats Veterinary Hospital, Rocky Mount, North Carolina

    To say that Holden Moss catapulted us to success is an understatement.

    In just seven months, our profitability increased by 10% under the diligent direction of Steve and his crew. As a new business owner, we used a CPA who was recommended to us by our bank. We fully believed that CPA's were the stereotypical black and white bookkeepers - that is, until we found Holden Moss on a random CPA search when our bank account hit zero.

    We have not experienced anything like Holden Moss before, and their leadership and guidance were totally unexpected. Steve's assistance was financial as well as managerial and gave us the advice and tools we needed to turn our business around. To categorize Steve just as a CPA would be grievous. He is so much more! He is a leader, mentor, counselor, teacher, supporter, cheerleader, and friend.

    Many small businesses start with great ideas; however, you cannot run a business profitably on ideas and heart alone. Business owners must have very strong business skills and a solid support network to be successful. Holden Moss has been this for us. Steve showed us what KPI's to monitor, how to develop our team and how our business can succeed both financially and culturally. We are Holden Moss fans for life!

Using the lessons of Awesome 8, you will learn measure, plan, prioritize and protect your business.

What Awesome 8 will teach you

Understand and measure your business goals, prioritize opportunities, execute business plans, and protect your future.

A few examples of important tips you’ll learn

  1. Simple, easy-to-follow accounting systems and dashboards that don't just provide data, but measure the most important targets.
  2. Cash flow tips for your type of business so cash flows in at the right time for you.
  3. Team meetings that will make sure the most prioritized actions are actually accomplished, not just discussed. 

Get started with Awesome 8 now!

•  Half Day session with a senior member of our team
•  Review of your most recent financials and cash flow
•  Discussion around all 8 areas for your business

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